The benefits of an artificial lawn are many. That’s why homeowners install artificial grass, particularly in the Greater Bay Area. Low maintenance, evergreen appeal and an average 6 year return on investment are attractive reasons to consider. Plus, since the state of California still teeters on the edge of drought conditions (water restrictions still exist in a few counties), synthetic lawns are the eco-friendly choice.

So where do homeowners install artificial grass when they switch from traditional lawns? You are probably familiar with some of the locations. Others may surprise you. Take inspiration from this list if you are considering one yourself. Artificial grass is a popular choice for these locations.

Where Homeowners Install Artificial Grass

Play Areas for Children

Homeowners install artificial grass in play areas for several reasons. It offers a level, even play surface for kids. There are less tripping hazards. After it rains you don't have to worry with muddy spots, ruts or little footprints tracked inside your house. Double this benefit if you have pets. Many homeowners install shade sails over artificial grass play areas as well to protect their kids from the sun and heat. It gets hot in San Ramon after all.

Pet areas

Homeowners install artificial grass in pet areas for many of the same reasons they choose to for play areas. The “no mud” factor after it rains is huge. Animals seem to track in twice as much dirt as people (if you have dogs you know this to be true). Other benefits include maintenance and cleaning. You can kiss mowing the lawn goodbye. Upkeep is minimal. Most of the time a simple spray with water is all that's needed. Very little maintenance beyond that is necessary. The waste will dissipate and your yard will stay green. Artificial grass dog runs will never have brown spots!

Backyard Putting Greens

This is one of the most popular choices for several reasons. The ease of care and level playing surface are always ready for use. If it rains, no problem. You don't have to wait days for the grass to dry. there are also no concerns of tracking things like mud or dead grass in your house afterward. Many homeowners like the flexibility too. Since you don't have to worry about whether or not grass will grow in a particular area, you have more options. For instance, you could put a putting green in a shady spot. Artificial grass requires no sunlight. Your shady putting spot will stay green year round.


Nobody enjoys trudging up the side of a hill to pull weeds, water plants or prune trees. Double that for mowing grass. Homeowners install artificial grass on hillsides when they want a low maintenance, convenient time-saving option. Artificial grass meets all three requirements. You might have to occasionally rake or spray the grass to keep it looking fresh. However, you will spend far less time doing this then maintaining natural grass with traditional landscaping techniques. Plus, this is one of the more eco-friendly options. Using artificial turf on a hillside controls erosion. That's definitely something to consider if this is a problem in your area.


Since artificial grass handles heavy traffic with ease, homeowners love to use it in walkways. This is ideal for paths leading to outdoor living areas, play areas, gardens or swimming pools.For homeowners who love natural grass but need something more durable, installing artificial grass is the answer. It's an attractive, low maintenance ground cover solution for walkways. It can handle heavy traffic for years to come. Don’t forget the safety benefit too. After a storm, fake grass provides no slick or soft spots. Your walkway will remain firm and solid.

Entertaining Areas

Homeowners love using artificial grass in outdoor entertaining areas due to its visual appeal and durability. The entertaining space remains green all year long with no irrigation or mowing. That is very appealing because mowing the yard before an outdoor event is usually part of preparation. Artificial grass checks that one off the list permanently. These lush maintenance free areas provide a focal point for entertaining friends and family. They handle traffic well and create the ultimate green space for an afternoon family gathering or movie night under the stars.

Backyard Athletic Fields

For kids who love sports, installing an artificial athletic field is perfect. The level playing surface provides a lower risk of injury when compared to natural lawns. They are much easier to care for, and again, no muddy footprints or grass track inside after a hard rain. Also, artificial grass contains no divots or mounds. This is noticeable when playing sports like soccer. The ball tends to stay more true once it is in motion. This is a huge benefit for practice sessions.

Pool Decks

Homeowners install artificial grass for pool decks when they want to minimize two things, dirt and injury. Traditional lawns allow dirt and debris to enter a pool. Artificial grass removes that possibility from the equation. Also, the foundation is more solid than traditional grass, lowering the chance of injury. Throw in the fact your pool deck will look beautiful and green all year long and you have a winning option on your hands. It will make your pool look better as well, by highlighting the space.

Of course, homeowners install artificial grass in traditional locations like their front and back yard too. Those are obvious choices and usually make the most impact when it comes to things like water usage and return on investment. However, the places mentioned above are growing in popularity for many reasons. One reason stands out though. In a word, it's efficiency. The less time we spend cleaning mud out of our house, cutting grass or replacing busted irrigation pipes, the more time we spend with family and friends.

So artificial grass adds to quality of life? We like to think so. Besides, we have never heard any of our customers complain about NOT having to cut the grass after an install. They are too busy enjoying their new green, maintenance free lawn. Do any of the install locations mentioned above strike a chord with you? If so, give us a call. Artificial Grass Pros would love to help you spend more time with family and friends. One installation is all it takes!