Why should I choose Artificial Grass Pros over other companies?

Unlike most companies, you are never limited to one type of grass. We order our grass from different companies and allow you to choose the one that fits you the best, based on color, feel, durability, etc. We offer the most variety and great, fast installation with wonderful customer service to back it up. We can also tackle the associated tasks sometimes required to install, removing trees and shrubs, altering hardscapes, you name it, we can handle it!

How is the grass priced?

The grass is priced per square foot which can be figured out by measuring the length and width of the area. Some grasses are more expensive than others depending on what you choose. There are many variables on each project to determine cost, so having one of our experts visit your project site will provide you with a good understanding of the project scope along with the cost.

Are all synthetic grass systems the same?

No, there are many different construction methods and types of material used, there for, no synthetic grasses are the same. They vary in their look and feel. There is also the presence of lead in other manufacturers’ products which is important to avoid.

What is Synthetic Grass made of?

Synthetic grasses are manufactured with polyethylene used for the main grass blades and a nylon or polypropylene as the underlying thatched layer. The backing, which holds all the fibers together, is made with polyurethane and polypropylene.

What maintenance is required?

Very little maintenance is required. Whenever you feel is necessary, you should remove any debris which falls onto the grass which can easily be done with a leaf rake or blower. It can also be hosed off if needed. Since artificial grass is permeable, any rain or water that runs through will clean both the grass and the infill.

Is synthetic grass pet friendly?

Absolutely. Synthetic grass is a perfect alternative for pets that usually destroy natural grass. All of the products we provide are very durable for pet use.

Can animal waste be damaging to the grass?

Not at all. The urine drains through to the ground beneath and doesn’t stain the fibers. Other waste can be scooped up and if there is any remainder on the grass, it can simply be hosed off.

Will the grass fade?

All synthetics will eventually fade but that is over the course of many years. However most grasses are treated with a UV inhibitor to protect against fading so your bright green grass stays around longer.

Does the grass have a warranty?

Yes, the grasses we provide have a 10 year warranty against fading.

Does water drain through the grass?

Yes, each of our grasses is made to allow for water to properly flow through into the drainage base that is underneath. The drainage capabilities are very similar to that of real grass.

How much water would I really save by using synthetic grass?

It really depends on how much you were previously using, but according to water management statistics, 75% of your monthly water bill is for outside use! Installing synthetic grass is definitely the green way to go for saving as much water as possible.

How warm does the grass get?

In direct sunlight, the grass does not stay as cool as natural grass. Although it can get warm, it can be quickly cooled down by simply spraying it down with a hose and the temperature will decrease significantly. The positive to the heating of the grass is on colder days, synthetic grass can feel very nice and comfortable to be on.

Is Synthetic Grass flammable?

Synthetic Grass is Non-Flammable. However, burns will melt the fibers but can be clipped away for small burns or a section can be replaced for larger burns or other damages.

What different kinds of in-fill are available and will it be harmful to my children or pets?

There are different types of infill including synthetic, rubber, or sand products. The grasses we use do not require infill.

What if I spill something on the grass like paint?

Our grass is made of non absorbing materials that would allow you to simply clean up most spills without staining. However, if something does leave some type of mark, a section of grass can always be cut out and replaced.

Will the grass still have bugs?

Since synthetic grass is not natural, bugs have nothing to feed on and there for are usually never present in artificial grass. They also have a very hard time coming through from underneath the rock and grass backing.