Usually, when we search for an artificial grass installation company we hit the internet, pull up our favorite search engine and make a query (like Greater Bay Area artificial grass installers). After price comparison and a bit of waffling we ultimately make a purchase. Our purchases are generally based on the product value we perceive as aligned with product quality expectations.

To further muddy up the matter, installation companies make claims regarding their own uniqueness, expertise or value. It can all be very confusing. Seems like every installation company is an expert on the topic of artificial grass. Plus, they have a vast amount of information for you to digest. They use weird terms like “pile height” and “fiber makeup.”

However, those points don't always translate very well. Customers don't often understand those terms. In the end, an artificial grass installation company could sound more like a slick used car salesman or arrogant know it all. At Artificial Grass Pros, that's hardly the case. We are different and have been for more than a decade. Here's why.

Artificial Grass Pros: A Different Artificial Grass Installation Company

Diamond Certified

To become Diamond Certified, a business must go through a rigorous 12 step certification process. This happens by sampling customers via phone to get accurate ratings and verify only “real” customers are responding. Sometimes online certification processes are diluted because people can use multiple email addresses or social media accounts to vote or weigh in.

That is not the case with Diamond Certification. Every person that responds is a real customer. In order for a business to receive the Diamond badge it must achieve a rank of “Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise” which is 90+ points on a 100 point scale. In addition, all credential-based ratings must pass spec as well. What this process does is screen out mediocre and poor companies. But it doesn’t stop there either. Ongoing research is conducted by Diamond Certification to make sure certification standards are current and consistent. We are proud to say we are Diamond Certified, because it means we are committed to quality and excellence in all we do.

Committed to the Environment

Our goal is not to cover the world with artificial grass. On the contrary, we want to make an impact on the environment. Living in California means constant threat of drought. Therefore, it is incumbent upon every business and resident to be conscious of their impact on the environment. For us, we know  the impact we make on the issue of water conservation.

Since water is not required for artificial grass, power bills are lower and water can be saved for more important uses. Also, because artificial grass requires no maintenance, lawn equipment is non-essential. This makes an impact on our state’s overall carbon footprint as greenhouse gases and pollution are not expelled into the environment.

In addition, no pesticides or fertilizers are required with artificial grass. Therefore, no harmful chemical run off ends up in our waterways. This protects one of our state's most precious resources. So as a company we are proud to say every installation makes a definite impact on the quality of life for Californians.

With that said, before you finalize landscape plans for your next commercial project, we encourage you to call us. You might be surprised at the ways artificial grass can save money. We know you will be very interested to hear the return on investment. Artificial grass is not only environmentally friendly, it's budget friendly too.

We Value our Customers

Next, let's talk about customer service. It's the little things that make customer-service special. Consider your favorite hotels. Of course, you need to keep them all in the same category because obviously, there is a huge difference between a low-quality lodge versus a mid tier hotel experience. However, if you're comparing apples to apples it's the little things that make a difference.

For instance, maybe the housekeeping staff leave a mint on your pillow or a handwritten note when finished. Maybe the front desk calls your room to ask if you need assistance. Even better, maybe they give suggestions for dining options while you are in town. Those little things go a long way.

The same is true with Artificial Grass Pros. It’s the little things that make a difference. The big picture is we pride ourselves on expedited customer service. We have one of the fastest install times in the industry. We do this by listening to you and developing a design scheme that fits your budget and lifestyle needs.

Also, we incorporate little things throughout the process. For us, that means helping you choose the best product for your install via our artificial grass manufacturing company, NewGrass. Also, as stated before, we will work with your budget or suggest one for you depending on project scope and application. For instance, different products are suited better for high rise condo roofs. And others? They may be better for green spaces surrounding corporate office buildings. We can help you make decisions to ensure you have an install you can be proud of.

The AGP Secret

Finally, Artificial Grass Pros has a secret. We mentioned it a few moments ago. We are the Bay area installation company that just happens to own NewGrass, an artificial grass manufacturing company. So choosing us for your installation gives you the best of everything the artificial grass world has to offer. Artificial Grass Pros has performed hundreds of artificial grass installs. As such, we can help you create an amazing green space.

And while every HOA, property management company, event production company or car dealership has different needs, there are many similarities. Usually those involve things like geography, application and volume. No artificial grass installation company understands these variables better than AGP. So reach out and you will see we are different. It's that difference that makes all the difference for you.