Say goodbye to the headaches of constantly mowing, edging, fighting weeds, and battling the hot sun. These are all obstacles you had to deal with when you had regular grass but with artificial grass, everything changes. Artificial grass requires less maintenance and makes your cleaning efforts simple and easy.

What is artificial grass?

Artificial grass is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass. There are many names for it, such as artificial turf, synthetic lawn, or fake grass or lawn. All refer to the same thing. Artificial lawns look and feel like real grass but require very little maintenance. The best part is that it’s available in all styles so that your grass can look like the grass types that are local to your area.

Artificial grass does more than just make your yard look beautiful. It gives you your freedom back. We all love spring but dread spring-cleaning. Especially when it comes to our yards.  Have you went through the headaches of having to prepare your equipment for cutting your yard:

  • Mower and edger
  • Gas and oil
  • Pesticides
  • Rake
  • Gigantic trash bags for clippings
  • Calendar – mark off time every weekend for ongoing lawn upkeep
  • Etc.

The worst part is this is just the beginning of your list. Things get added as spring and summer continue.


How to clean and maintain artificial grass

The amount time and effort you will need to give to your artificial grass depends on your particular situation.

For most homeowners a light rinse once a week is an efficient schedule to keeping their yard looking beautiful. Every two weeks they typically remove any leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris that may build up.

There are 5 good practices to always keeping your artificial grass clean:

  1. Have the Right Equipment
  2. Keep Your Lawn Trash Free
  3. Brush Regularly
  4. Rinse Often
  5. Call Whenever You’re Concerned


Have the Right Equipment

Although you don’t need a mower or edger, there are some great tools you should keep at hand to help you clean your lawn. The four things that will be most beneficial to you are a water hose, rake, leaf blower, and stiff bristle brush.

You will use your water hose when you need to rinse dirt, spilled liquids, or pet waste off of your artificial grass. Your water hose will become your best friend because it’ll make cleaning problems go away in an instant.

Your rake and leaf blower will be used interchangeably depending on which one you feel fits your problem the best. Typically, the leaf blower will help for large amounts of debris and your rake will handle any quick pick ups.

The stiff bristle brush is perfect for keeping your artificial grass looking brand new. We recommend brushing your yard at least once a month to keep your synthetic grass blades standing upright and looking natural.


Keep Your Lawn Trash Free

The quickest way to let your artificial lawn lose its magically appeal is by letting debris, dirt, and dust accumulate. Things fly into our yards from neighbors, kids, animals and people passing by. The best rule of thumb is if you see it, clean it! You can pick it up with your hand, use a lawn sweeper, or even your leaf blower.


Brush Regularly

As mentioned above, the only way to keep your artificial grass looking new and natural is to keep your synthetic grass blades standing upright. Natural grass blades stand upright and its natural growth keeps it growing up. Unfortunately, synthetic grass doesn’t have natural growth so walking on top of it can cause its blades bend over time if you don’t keep it maintenance.

If you have artificial grass installed over a large area, brushing regularly may not be possible. In these cases, brush over the areas that experience a high amount of traffic to keep your grass looking natural.


Rinse Often  

One of the greatest things about artificial grass is that you only need water to clean it. It has a drainage system that will automatically filter out the water into the ground.

If there is ever a bad odor from pet urine you can place soap or household goods like vinegar and then rinse the area with water.


Call Whenever You’re Concerned

There is no such thing as a dumb question. We are the experts and we are here to help. When a company comes to install your artificial grass it shouldn’t just be for a one-time service. At Artificial Grass Pro we pride ourselves on being available for our customers before, during, and after our installation jobs. So when you have a question make sure our number is the first one you dial.