Summer is a busy time for everyone, especially Artificial Grass Pros. Better weather and no school turn cause people to focus on their home and business spaces. Summer break is the perfect time to update your home with a fresh coat of paint, or redo carpet at the office. It's also a peak season for lawn maintenance which is where we come in to play. Artificial Grass Pros will make sure your aritificial grass project goes off without a hitch.

If you have considered switching to artificial grass, give us a call. Amanda Norfleet and the rest of the service team will be happy to discuss options. We will explain to you how much of a difference artificial grass can make for your lawn. We have a variety of grass types to suit your taste.

Own a business? We offer solutions for those spaces as well. Artificial Grass Pros has worked with companies like Salesforce, GoDadday and even Google. Those artificial grass projects involved both indoor and outdoor applications, and even found the crew working several hundred feet off the ground with the Folsom Install. We are well respected and known for the quality of their work. This summer we had several projects in the works. Here is a closer look at two of them.

Orinda Residential Artificial Grass Project

Head west on Interstate 80 to highway 24 and stop at the town of Orinda. According to Forbes it is the second friendliest city in America. Here you would have found Artificial Grass Pros hard at work transforming a residential yard into a beautiful, low maintenance landscape. Residential neighborhoods have seen a boost in artificial grass landscaping. Tax incentives put home owners in the driver seat for savings, making artificial grass a worthwhile consideration.

This particular artificial grass project is just off Los Altos road and involves both the front and back yards. Typical installation for this type of project is between 5-7 days. The customer is usually very surprised at how the final transformation looks and feels so much like the real thing. It all has to do with the type of artificial grass used for the project.

On this particular install the customer chose “Summer Fresh.” This artificial grass features varied blade length and textures with four separate colors. Combine them all together and you have a truly stunning lawn. It is perfect for kids to play too. This particular model is designed for moderate to heavy use. If you look hard enough, you will find “Summer Fresh” in hundreds of lawns throughout the Bay area, all installed by Artificial Grass Pros.

Berkeley School of Madeline

Turn around and head east to find the next Artificial Grass Pros project. This one involved a complete lawn overhaul for the School of Madeline. This K-8 private Catholic school had a lawn that was in much need of an overhaul. One phone call to Artificial Grass pros was all it took. Options were considered, choices were made and a 3 person crew ultimately showed up earlier this week to install 5,000 square feet of premium artificial grass.

The school chose “Pine Isle Grass” as the type to be used for the install. It features a longer, varied blade length perfectly suited to handle daily abuse from several hundred feet of elementary and middle school aged children. This shows forward thinking on the part of the school itself. They knew they needed a product that would hold up under strenuous daily wear and tear.

After consulting with Artificial Grass Pros they made the perfect choice. As a result, this artificial grass project will pay for itself in five to six years. After that, the lawn will not cost the school one penny, save for an occasional spraying to wash away sediment and dust.

The Perfect Choice for Your Space

These are just two examples of artificial grass projects we worked on this summer. So how many installs do we typically handle in a week? Anywhere from four to five. Of course those installs rang in size and scope. Every project is not a residential lawn or business park space.

We cover the entire Bay area after all, extending westward to Los Altos and San Jose. Our largest project to date? Mayfield Sports Complex. The entire recreation space was covered with 157,000 square feet of “Greenfield Slide Max.” This is a special type of artificial turf designed exclusively for rough and tumble sports activities.

All of this to say, whatever you needs are, Artificial Grass Pros is the solution. We will work to make sure you choose the right type of grass for your space. The biggest help in the entire process is communication. we encourage customers to be up front about  the project details. This includes things like time lines, obstacles in their yard and other special circumstances like pets or lawn access for install when the home owner is absent. The devil is in the details; and he is less likely to show up if they are addressed beforehand.

What to Expect from Us

Once a plan is established you can expect our crew to arrive on the install date rain or shine. This is a commitment we make to our customers. The rain is no big deal to the crew.  We are used to it. The only reason an install would not occur involves lightning. If that happens, the crew will wait until the storm passes, then proceed with the install. Again, it all has to do with their commitment to you.

Don't just take our word for it though. Find us on Yelp and read through the reviews. There you will find other people who speak to the quality of our work. You will also find several who were surprised at how great their lawn looked after the install was complete! According to a few reviewers, our prices are quite competitive as well. 🙂

Nothing beats the quality, competitive pricing and commitment you find with Artificial Grass Pros. With 4-5 projects happening every week, we have seen it all. No job is too large, small or unique. Give us a call and let the Artificial Grass Pros go to work for you.



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