Our commitment to you can be summed up in the Artificial Grass Pros Pledge. In short, it involves consistently performing the best artificial grass installations while maintaining an environmentally conscious position. We understand you have a choice when it comes to artificial grass installers. Our pledge ensures excellent customer service and experience that can't be beat. Let's unpack the pledge a bit more.

The AGP Pledge


Environment issues are regarded seriously at Artificial Grass Pros. Our mission is not to simply coat the world with plastic grass. Instead, we seek to use artificial grass where it makes the most sense. For commercial spaces it could mean installing a green space inside to provide ,or life, to an otherwise dull area. For an office park it might involve replacing natural grass with low maintenance artificial grass. Doing so is one of the best ways to make an impact on things like:

  • Corporate Lawn Maintenance Contracts
  • Noise Pollution
  • Pesticides, Herbicides and Fertilizers
  • Water Usage

Businesses could potentially save thousands of dollars per year by switching to artificial grass. What a great way to save money and care for the environment.

Product Quality

We understand the importance of using high-quality materials for installs. This is so important, we own NewGrass, an artificial grass manufacturing company. Therefore, Artificial Grass Pros has great options. For instance, say you like lush,deep green spaces. We have a grass to suit your taste. Perhaps you prefer a look that's a bit more shaggy, exhibiting characteristics of a lawn that is not freshly mowed, yet not in need of a haircut just yet either. In that case, we also have the perfect synthetic grass product.

In addition, all NewGrass products are UV resistant, which means they won't fade. That, coupled with other details like brown thatch fibers, varied blade heights and thickness, add to the overall look and feel of your artificial grass lawn. When you choose AGP it’s hard to tell the difference between real grass and fake!

Customer Service

At AGP, we maintain a simple position in regards to customer service. If you treat the customer fair, expedite quickly, and provide value, you will have a customer for life. Those are the principles we use to provide excellent customer service. We are honestly here to help you throughout the entire installation process. This is why we consult with you to discuss things like budget, and project scope. We also cover finer points like the area in which the artificial grass will be used, how much traffic the space will receive, and whether or not any obstacles, dips or hills might be involved. Finally, our installs carry a 15 year warranty. It’s one of the best warranties in the industry. We are confident and stand behind our work.


We have worked with some of the biggest corporate names in the United States. For instance, every year AGP is contracted for the Salesforce.com Dreamforce conference put on by the George B. Johnson production company. It's a huge annual conference with thousands of attendees. We are responsible for installing artificial grass on city streets around the Convention Center. Essentially, a few blocks of San Francisco city streets transform into lush, green lawn space. It's a big deal, and definitely something we are proud to do every year.

In addition, we work with large commercial builders, HOAs and property management companies to install artificial grass on everything from high-rise condo rooftops to acres of corporate lawn space.

You can even find the AGP pledge in action on the campus of Google. Artificial Grass Pros installed the new Google athletic field. It turned out fantastic, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Also, did we mention we installed all of the putting greens inside GoDaddy headquarters? We wouldn't want to leave that out!

AGP Can Help

So call us if you have an upcoming construction project or commercial space in the works. We are familiar with commercial applications and will work to provide the perfect artificial grass product for your install. And, if you need installation help in the Greater Bay area, we know a great group of people to help with that too.

After all, the AGP pledge is more than just words on a page that sound good during sales meetings and conference calls. On the contrary, the pledge is people helping people meet the challenges of landscaping by providing them with the best artificial grass installs imaginable. We fulfill our pledge by providing excellent customer care, quality artificial grass products and years of experience. Welcome to Artificial Grass Pros. We are here to help.

Contact us today with any questions, or call 925-326-6306..