Let’s be real. Maintaining a lush green lawn is expensive. It’s also not very environmentally friendly. On top of that, it’s not going to look lusciously green all year round. This can be especially frustrating given the amount of effort placed in regular maintenance. Not to mention how much it actually affects your water bill just to keep it looking healthy!

If you can relate to any of the above frustrations, artificial grass is the perfect solution. Not only will installing artificial grass resolve all of these problems, but can also increase the value of your home in the long run!

Artificial grass is, above all, low maintenance. This is wonderful. It provides all the aesthetic benefits of natural grass with the added advantage that little maintenance or care is required. There’s no need for weekly watering, and does not require weeding, mowing, fertilizing, or reseeding! It remains pristine ALL year round, with very minimal time and effort. This is a really attractive sell for senior individuals who often don’t have the time or ability to maintain a natural lawn. It’s very appealing and is certainly a deciding factor for most when purchasing a home.

Raise Your Home Value

Artificial grass installation will raise your home’s property value because it improves your house curb appeal. A lush green lawn is always a big selling point for a house. No one wants a house that isn’t visually appealing! With synthetic grass, you can rest assured that your lawn's appearance will help you get your property’s worth.

Along with adding value to your house, artificial grass doesn't harbor any harmful pathogens that can be a health hazard for younger kids or senior individuals.

Additionally, artificial grass is guaranteed to maintain an even surface year round. Regular grass surface can be susceptible to damage from the weather or lack of care. This can cause mud puddles or bare patches of natural grass to form, which can increase the risk of falling for younger children.

Lastly, artificial turf is very environmentally friendly because it doesn’t require the application of fertilizers and insecticides. These substances seep through the ground with water and can pollute the groundwater beneath.

Also, artificial grass helps conserve our precious water resources! This is a major selling point in dry regions that are prone to droughts. For example, an environmentally friendly house in Arizona has greater chances of getting sold quickly AND at a premium price.

Installing artificial grass is the perfect long term solution for keeping your yard green because it can last for decades without requiring a replacement. With very little maintenance and care, an artificial grass lawn will look lush and plush for a very long time. The bottom-line is that installing artificial grass can significantly improve the property value of your home. The landscape of a house is incredibly important to most home buyers, and installing artificial grass can greatly maximize your home’s overall appeal and value.